Visiting Kyle’s father


On our travels, we always make it a point to stop and spend a couple weeks visiting Kyle’s father. So February found us back in our familiar spot in his back yard. He’s set up full hookups for us, including 50 amp power so we can run both air conditioners to survive the Texas summers. What a great dad.

There has been an addition this year. The pasture we drive through to get to the yard is now inhabited by a few cattle, including this rather hard headed bull.

Bull vs. Ram

It is hard to tell if he is actually aggressive, or just wants to play. Not that it makes much difference as to the damage he could do. He wasn’t even afraid of the truck which outweighs him by a few thousand pounds.

While here, we took a trip into town to visit Ikea.

DSCF4851We haven’t had a chance to browse through one since we left Minneapolis. They often have items which prove useful in our Airstream. This time we picked up some shiny, insulated placemats as wanted something to protect our nice new table.

They even look like aluminum

I also picked up a “dioder”.

DSCF4900It’s a set of four LED bars that plug into a 12 volt transformer. Ikea displayed them as backlighting for a flat panel tv. Noy quite what I have in mind for them. Since they are 12 volt, I can run them straight from our 12 volt power. So, one bar is going to be mounted in my desk for a light there. Another one will be mounted under the medicine cabinet in the bathroom. That way we don’t blind ourselves in the middle of the night. This leaves two more that I’m sure I can come up with a good use for.

While out, we stopped at one of Twisted Roots‘ locations.

Twisted Root Burger Company

They came highly recommended by one of Kyle’s coworkers. They’ve also been featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, and have gotten a lot of good press. The decor was appealing to RVers.

Inside RV parking

And the food looked great.

I wish it tasted as good as it looks

Unfortunately, it didn’t taste as good as it looks. In fact, they were pretty bad, with the meat being incredibly dry and cooked to within an inch of being burnt. And we could have enjoyed steak for not much more than this meal cost. Oh well…. sometimes you get a hit and sometimes a miss. This is a place we’ll definitely skip in the future.

Kyle also got the “opportunity” to do some work on the truck.

That don’t look too good….

A heater hose decided it was time to spring a leak. At least it happened where we had somewhere to work on it. It could have been fixed while on the road, but this was much more convenient.

As always, we enjoyed our visit and look forward to the next one.

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