Valley of the Rogue State Park


It’s time for us to leave the coast and start heading southeast as we have a date at the Grand Canyon in a few weeks. So we headed over to the Valley of the Rogue State Park.

I’d read good reviews of this park, but honestly, outside of a nice view from my desk, it didn’t have much to recommend itself to us. It lies along the Rogue River, but you can only spot the river from a couple places. And unfortunately, it also lies along I-5, so it isn’t as quiet as I’d prefer.

But there were a couple of good points this week.

First, Mary completed a scarf she’s been working on.

DSCF5212It has a rather interesting pattern.

DSCF5213And second, we saw via Facebook that a preacher we know from back in Minnesota (Andy Cantrell) was holding a gospel meeting at the J Street Church of Christ just down the road in Grant’s Pass this week. He is just an incredible speaker, and we really enjoyed hearing him again. It was rather surprising to us to find someone we know that just happened to be out here the same time that we are.

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    • Kyle says:

      I wish we could be back in Oregon next spring, as it is just beautiful out there. But, the east coast is calling us next year.

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