Valley of Fire


Before leaving the Lake Mead area, I had to ship my work laptop in to be replaced with a new one. So I found myself without the means to be online, and an enforced long weekend. Rich was caught up with his work, so we headed out to where a reliable cell signal doesn’t. We headed up to Valley of Fire State Park.

The campground is set amidst red rock formations.


Nice scenery

Sadly, the park does not allow climbing amongst the rocks, but we could still enjoy the beauty of the area.

20130405_16074720130405_162712We drove through the park to see the formations. Early morning brought a nice bike ride to again view them.

DSCF4999 DSCF5004 DSCF4990There was also a small car show the weekend we were here.

IMGP1972And included one of my favorite cars.


Extra points if you recognize this beauty

Unfortunately, this is our last stop with Rich, Eleanor and Emma. They need to head back home to prepare for their summer excursion and we have dates up north. We picked Seattle as our next destination, and arranged for my laptop to be shipped up there.

Google Maps says 21 hours to make this journey. That’s a long drive, but doable in two days. So we put off our departure as long as possible. It would have made more sense for us to have left earlier, but we were just having too much fun traveling with our friends. So we got up early and left at 3:30 in the morning. We were already totally hitched and ready to leave. So we idled out with only running lights on to keep the disturbance to a minimum (Rich said he never heard us leave). And we were on our way.

I set our Garmin for Barstow, California in order to force it to take us up through California instead of heading up through Nevada and then over. We wanted to skirt the mountains down south to avoid any winter weather. Once we got to Barstow, I reset the Garmin for our destination and my heart sunk…. It isn’t 21 hours… It’s 27 hours. 27 hours of driving in two days is just a touch insane, but too late now, we have to do it.

So we pushed as far as we could for one day. We passed through the Mt. Shasta region, lovely area. We’re going to have to come back here with a shorter Airstream at some point (we’re just too long for most California parks).

The sun set a bit before we crossed into Oregon, and it was cloudy. As we headed up a mountain, we could watch the temperature fallI. So in the valleys it was misting and at the peaks it was snowing. And yes, there were a few curves just to make things fun. By the time we hit the Siskiyou Summit area, it was snowing enough that the DOT had snow plows out, and we also came across a van that had rolled down from the southbound lanes. I had had more than enough by this point. So after we descended a bit, we found a rest area to spend a few hours sleeping. We got up at four the next morning and made our way to our destination.

Never again do I want to make a drive like this.

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