The next step in our remodeling was the upholstery. We had a few reasons for this. The fabric was showing signs of wear. We could have lived with it for awhile, but we were also changing up our dinette and we wanted everything to match.

The dinette has always bothered me. RV design typically calls for dining seating for four.¬†Dinettes are¬†also almost always used for additional sleeping space. So, that sets a bottom limit to the size a dinette can be. We don’t need the sleeping space, and we usually only seat the three of us for meals. If we have company, we can seat five more at the couch with the tables that fold out there. So, for us, the dinette was larger than required, which meant we didn’t need it to stick so far out into the room.

Also, having the back of one of the dinette benches to the lounge area visually cut off the sight lines. In a small area, sight lines are very important to visually enlarge the area. One nice thing about modern Airstreams are all the windows. Ours has so many, it is practically a fishbowl. Having them visually expands our space, making it feel bigger than it really is. But with the dinette bench facing the lounge, your eyes came to a hard stop there. It wasn’t bad, just not as nice as it could be.

So we made two changes to the dinette. First, we removed the bench that had it’s back to the lounge. Then the remaining bench that sets against a wall, I cut down 10 inches to line up with the edge of the wall. We then found two dining chairs that we could have recovered to match.

So we sent in our couch, the two new chairs, the one dinette bench and our window valances in to be recovered.

We decided to use Ultraleather. This is an available upgrade from Airstream and in several RVs. It looks and feels like leather. But it is more durable, it breathes and it is easy to clean. We think this makes it a good choice for our needs. We decided to use both the Timber and Silk colors.

Three days later, everything was done. Here are the results.

Dining chairs
Dinette bench. Note the bed area for our poodle.

We like the color combination and are happy with the look and feel of this upgrade.

Only one more upgrade remains… some custom cabinetry.

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