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As noted on Monday, there are horses to ride at the Garden of the Gods. So Tuesday morning Mary and Kathryn headed back out there. The horseback tours of the park are provided by Academy Riding Stables, which are a stone’s throw from the Garden of the Gods Trading Post. Mary was quite impressed by how well the stables ran their rides. The workers there know the horses very well and know how to make newbie riders feel comfortable on horseback. Kathryn greatly enjoyed her two hour horseback tour through the Garden of the Gods, though she wasn’t too excited about sitting for some time afterwards.

There's just something about girls and horses

That afternoon we headed over to Manitou Springs.

Manitou Springs

As the name implies, it’s first claim to fame was the mineral springs to be found here. The Native Americans considered this to be a sacred area. Later, the springs combined with the natural beauty of the area caused this to be a popular tourist area. It’s a fun, quirky town with a bit of a Berkeley feel to it, which brought back college memories for Mary. And this place brought back teenage memories for me.

Quarters... I must have quarters...

The arcade is spread through several small buildings and outside under a covered area. While they have a couple of newer games, most are classics with a handful coming up on being centenarians. And yes, I had to play some pinball while there. Good times.

Manitou Springs has something to offer just about anyone. Whether it is jewelry, art, clothing, Native American crafts, food (both prepared and ingredients), music, musical instruments (can’t quite wrap my head around the Grateful Dead decal in the window of The Dulcimer Shop though), “old time” photographs, or even rubber duckies, you can find it here.


And while it doesn’t get much better than rubber duckies, this shop has to be the best in the world. Chocolate and ice cream, both hand made. Just give me a bib and call me done.




Brilliant combination

There’s even a couple realtors along the strip in case you find you can’t leave this town. Though given some of the property prices we saw, we think we’ll content ourselves with visiting.

There’s also plenty of artwork displayed along the main street which offers additional enjoyment.


While this is definitely a tourist town, it is fun and made for a great afternoon.

Beautiful area to build a town

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