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Our Airstream is a triple axle. So tires for her are not an insignificant expense. Since most trailer tires age out or decay prior to actually running out of tread, it makes sense to protect them as much as possible. While at Alumapalooza this year, we spoke to a representative from Magne Shade. They use Phifertex Plus fabric to create shades. Their primary line of business is window shades, which can be printed with custom images. We might have to look into this for our panoramic windows at some future date.

Window Shades (pictures from Magne Shade's website)

The window shades are held in place by magnets, which is the same design used for the tire covers. There’s one set of magnets which mount on your RV.

Magnet to mount on the Airstream

And the shade itself has magnets sewn into pockets. The pockets are larger than the magnets within them. This allows the fabric to be slid around to provide a better fit. In our case, we can move the shades up and down an inch or so depending upon the level of the ground. These magnets then stick together, holding the shade in place.

The magnet in the pocket will stick to the one on the Airstream

Double sided tape from 3M is supplied to adhere the magnets to the Airstream. We first put these magnets on the shade, to make sure we were sticking the proper side of the magnet to the Airstream (since magnets do have a polarity). We then put the tape onto the magnets.

Magnet and tape in place

We then took the shade out to the wheel well. After careful measuring to ensure the shade was centered in the wheel well, as well as at the proper height, we stuck the magnets in place. We then removed the shade so the tape could adhere for awhile without the weight of the shade pulling on the magnets.

Magnet in place

The bottom of the tire shades has a small pocket through which plastic rods are inserted. These add some weight and stiffness to the shade to keep the bottom in place.

Rods for the bottom of the shade

After waiting three days for the tape to “cure” we were able to put the shades in place.

Tire shade installed

As you can see, the shades are not completely opaque. But they do cut about 50% of the sunlight to the tires. This should help our tires last longer.

Since the shades are held in place by magnets, it takes less than a minute per side to put them in and get them adjusted. We think they look a lot classier than the tire covers that wrap around the tires. And you know… when you have an Airstream, you do have a certain image to maintain.

We’re happy with these and gladly recommend them.

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