Texarkana KOA


This is the type of day that makes one old. We’re heading to Joshua, Texas to visit Kyle’s father, which is about a seventeen hour drive from where we’re at. Normally we would take a week to make this trip, as we don’t like to just blow across the country. Unfortunately our schedule just doesn’t allow for that this time. So we decided to make a big push on the first day to have an easier second day of travel. We were on the road a bit over 12 hours by the time we hit Texarkana.

Our stop for the night is the Texarkana KOA.

Texarkana KOA

The campground is just off I30, so it is ideal for a quick stop. And, more importantly given the temperatures, we could get a 50amp hookup. So we could run both conditioners. The two of them together can cool the Airstream down very quickly.

Even though it is right by the Interstate, as you can barely see in the below picture, there is not a lot of noticeable road noise. You hear it, but it isn’t loud enough to be an annoyance.


The campground itself is small, with narrow sites. But almost all of the sites are pull-thru, so access is easy. The sites are typically long enough for the longest RV, even without unhitching or disconnecting the toad. They even have one site which they specially advertise for use by the long, long trailers.

Just be sure to follow the rules or Bubba will tow you.

This was our site for the evening.

Our site

Behind the campground is the Northgate trailer park, which looks to be run by the same entity as the KOA.

Living in Aluminum.... just not polished.

One unique feature here is an RV art gallery. There are original paintings, prints, cards, miniatures, bird feeders and houses, pillows, books, jewelry and many other things. All available for purchase. It was a lot of fun looking through it all.


We picked up some tablecloth weights.

Not sure why the door is black....

We also stocked up on Christmas cards for this year.

You might be a lucky recipient of one of these

Like staying at Wal-Mart, this one night stop proved much more expensive than the price of parking.

Here are more pictures of the campground.

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