It has been awhile since we posted. After our long trip in 2012, we had decided on some changes that would make our Airstream work better for us. We also had some routine maintenance items to take care of. While life in our Airstream is a lot of fun, there are some parts that aren’t as, umm… enjoyable, as they could be. With all the things going on with our Airstream, we ended up staying in Tennessee about a month longer than we planned. We’re on the road again now, but figured we’d catch everyone with what we’ve been up to.


The first item was to have our Airstream pressure tested for leaks. Towards the end of our trip, we had one start at the front window. Our local Airstream dealer has a Sealtech so we had them perform the test We like to have the entire trailer tested once a year anyways just to ensure that no undiscovered leaks are causing problems for us. While an Airstream can last more than one generation, water leaks have to be resolved to keep from damaging the interior, the floor and ultimately the frame.

The dealer performed the pressure test and found a couple leaks around the front window, but reported that no more were found.

Well… we didn’t get our first rain until after our Disney trip. The window was still leaking. And we found a couple more spots. At this point, we had also received a recall notice on our Airstream. It seems that the flexible brake lines weren’t completely up to their task, so they needed to be replaced. This was a bit over two weeks prior to Christmas. Well…..

Our local dealer takes a break between Christmas and New Years, so they wouldn’t order the new brake lines from Airstream until after they came back. huh? And no, they didn’t want to look at the leaks again until they had the brake lines, which would only take 3 or four days to get in. The brake lines didn’t actually get in until mid January. We’d received around 9 inches of rain by that point… So, no I was literally not a happy camper.

After getting our Airstream back the second time, not only did it leak again after the next rain, but I received a couple other unwelcome additions from the dealer.

Our new customized air conditioner shroud.

Cracked Shroud

And some clear coat removal in three spots, which I’m guessing is where the ladder was rested against the side of the Airstream.

One of the spots

A previous Airstream dealer scratched the side all up with their ladder. I just don’t understand why they can’t follow the simple procedures (either rest the ladder on an awning or put a blanket/towel over the top of the ladder) that would keep them from damaging an Airstream. I’m sure that to be certified, Airstream trains them in how to access the roof. But anyways….

I’ll get the shroud replaced once I find a place that I can hopefully trust to get on the roof without messing up the side of the Airstream any further. I know it is a matter of only a few screws to replace it, but me and heights and a slippery Airstream roof is a recipe for America’s Funniest Home Videos…. The side will have to receive extra attention to keep corrosion to a minimum.

The third time in the shop, the leaks were finally stopped (I think, maybe, I hope…)

At this point, I’ve decided that if at all possible the Airstream factory are the only ones besides myself that will touch our aluminum beauty. I realize I may have to give a little while we’re on the road. But if it is something that can wait until we can get to Ohio, then wait it will.


The other items we decided to do fall into the remodeling category. You know… anyone can live in an Airstream and anyone can remodel one. But how many people do you know that will remodel one while they live in it? Sounds like fun, no?

Our next few posts will show all the changes we’ve made…. flooring, upholstery, cabinetry work and more… We’re quite happy with the results.

First up came the flooring, which follows in our next post.

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