Food, fun and shopping in Jackson Center


On our way back east, we need to make a short stop in Jackson Center.

While we love living and travelling in our Airstream, there’s a few areas that could be improved upon. So after much thinking, talking and scheming, we’ve decided on a few changes that we can make in our downtime between our months long road trips. There will be postings on these improvements as we make them. But we’re pretty excited about getting the work done and making our Airstream even more ours. So we stopped in Jackson Center to check into some of the work we want to do.

While there, we of course had to visit the Airstream Store. This time we were fairly good. No new t-shirts, baubles or even a new hat, seeing as I’m now the proud owner of this really great Airstream Life hat. But we came away with new LED marker lights, an Ocean Air blind for the kitchen, screen guard for our door and a decal for my mug (had to get one thing that wasn’t completely practical).

We saw our first European Airstream while here this time.

Airstream bound for Europe

What I find interesting are the handles front and back to manhandle the trailer into the spot you want it to be. I don’t think I’d want to try this with our 34′.







While running to one of our errands, the Mali Mish crew pulled into the Terra Port. After we returned we were able to spend time visiting with them. We’ve been reading their blog for a few years now and finally met them at Alumafandango back in August. Then we run into each other again after we’ve each covered several more states and hundreds of miles. There’s times that it really hits home how small this world really is.

That evening we all went over to The Spot for dinner. This was a splurge from the diet that Mary and I are following, but it was nice to enjoy the company of Dan, Marlene and their kids, as well as have the traditional American feast of burgers, fries and malts. When returning to the Terra Port, I did learn one thing though… Don’t blindly follow Dan. It could lead to an unscheduled conversation with one of the fine men in blue. We did have a nice conversation though and he let me go with a warning and a sticker and officer trading card for Kathryn. This in turn offered an opportunity for a conversation with Kathryn about the importance of paying attention to everything while driving as well as on the subject of grace.

The next day the Mali Mish was towed in for repairs and we headed out to return to Tennessee.

Mali Mish heading into the shop

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