Savannah, Georgia


After a week in Disney World, we headed up the coast to Savannah, Georgia. Kyle has a step-sister there, so we’re going to spend Thanksgiving with them. They also have a new daughter whom we all enjoyed.

Two too cute girls

We picked Skidaway Island State Park as our home for this week. This is a wonderful state park that lets you get away from the city while essentially still being in it. The sites are all pull through, so we were parked closer to the road than we prefer, but for the most part there’s lots of space between spots, so you still have plenty of privacy. As usual, not all sites could easily hold a long rig like ours, but we found a good one.

Our camp site

The park has been dealing with water issues, which we thankfully were aware of before arriving. They’re having to put in a new main water line into the park, so the water available is currently coming in via a firehose. So, drinking the water is not recommended while here. So we just came in with a full tank which sufficed us for our week here. Lucky for us, they had nice shower stalls, so that kept the five of us smelling fresh without draining all of our water within a couple days.

The park has a few miles of trails to be enjoyed, which we did daily, given the gorgeous weather that we enjoyed. We loved the look of the trees draped with Spanish moss. Walking in the early morning had an almost otherworldly feel.

Spanish moss and palms

The trails led out to the water that surrounds the island.

Marshland around the island.

One path also had an observation deck to get a better view of the water.

Observation deck

The rangers told us that when developing the park, they found a great number of old stills left from the prohibition era. They left the remains of one along the trail.

The revenuers found this one….

As much as we enjoyed the island, we couldn’t stay away from the city. We took a trolley ride to aquaint ourselves, then struck out on foot. There is just so much old architecture to take in here.

Many of the homes boast ornate ironwork, including the drainspouts.

This fish is out of water….

The historic district’s layout is really interesting with the squares every few blocks. While one of their initial purposes was to assist in the defense of the city, as then, they greatly enhance the beauty of the area.

We also spent some time walking through Colonial Park Cemetery, paying our respects to the early founders of Savannah.

Colonial Park Cemetery

We made our way down to the river front.

Shops along the river front

The road here is still cobblestone.

Cobblestone road and brick walkway

I imagine pushing a cart here would have been rather challenging. We felt sorry for the poor kids being bounced along in their strollers.

All our walking made us hungry, so Kathryn talked us into stopping at Leopold’s Ice Cream.

Leopold’s Ice Cream

Founded in 1919 (though it was closed between 1969 and 2004), it has many of the original fixtures and uses the original recipes.

mmmmmm….. Ice Cream….

After Thanksgiving, we’re headed back up to Knoxville. We’ll be taking a few weeks away from travelling while we do some remodeling in our Airstream. We have some ideas that will make it a better fit for our traveling lifestyle, as well as making it even more enjoyable for us to be in.


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