RV Serendipity


One of the true joys of our lifestyle is the serendipitous events that come our way. We often find ourselves suddenly in the midst of beauty as in the picture above. We have unexpected opportunities that light up our day like the fireworks at Nolin Lake State Park. We meet wonderful people everywhere we go, have great conversations and enjoy good times with friends we just met. Most of the churches we’ve attended this summer, we’ve met people who have attended our home congregation and know the same people we do.

When you think about it, it is just truly amazing all the good things that come our way. It seems that didn’t happen when we made our home in a house. Or did it not happen because we didn’t open ourselves up to noticing all the wonder around us? How much do we miss in our busy lives?

Here in Durango, we had two more unexpected events that brightened our stay here.

One evening a young bear found it’s way into a tree beside the campground. While we made sure to keep a safe distance (and across the fence from it), it was fun watching one of the truly powerful creatures in our environment.

Good thing for you that I'm up in this tree

Another evening one of the other RVers played his saxophone outside his home on wheels. I haven’t touched mine in years, but I greatly enjoyed listening to his music waft across the campground, and even more so when my lovely bride went out to join him by singing along.

Music in the campground

There is beauty to be found everywhere we look, if we will but just look, if we open ourselves to serendipity.

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