Raccoon Valley


We domicile in Tennessee and have a small house on 50 acres that Kyle’s mother resides in. However, getting there involves a two mile drive up a mountain, on a gravel road which is an improved mining road. So… taking the Airstream up there is really not an option. The most convenient location for us is the northwest side of Knoxville since that is closest to our place, church, family and friends. Unfortunately, most of the campgrounds are on the southeast side around Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg. But that’s just too far away to be convenient.

Our home away from home while in Knoxville is the Escapees Raccoon Valley RV Park.

Raccoon Valley campground

We prefer having large sites with a nice view, so the sites here are a bit crowded for our tastes. The park is an old KOA campground, which explains the small sites.

Our site

But, we’re paying for location and convenience, and the price is not bad. The weekly rate for Escapees members is $106 plus tax. This is one of the lowest in the area. The campground just down the road is over twice that, plus electricity. The campground is about a mile off I-75 at exit 117. Since the northside of Knoxville begins as exit 112, its close to town without being right in it.

There are two loops to the campground. The one behind the office/hall is nicer as it has shade and the grass is more filled out. The bathhouse on this side is a bit nicer as well. The other loop has just a few small trees and much more gravel than grass. So if you stay here, try to get the loop behind the office. We didn’t this time though.

While here this time, there was one other Airstream. This is the second time we’ve been here at the same time.

Airstream in the park

The campground is staffed by volunteers. They do a good job of keeping the grounds tidy. We have more pictures below.

We’re in town primarily for Kathryn to go to camp, which she thoroughly enjoyed.

Hillbrook camp

We’re now on our way to Texas to visit Kyle’s father.

More pictures of Raccoon Valley.

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