Prehistoric Peril


Kathryn and Emma have a lot of fun together. Unfortunately, they also seem to know how to find trouble…

While touring Borrego Springs, the girls found a new pet. One that is the real reason this area is so sparsely populated. It wasn’t interested in playing, which should have been their first hint.

They have trouble by the tail…

What they seem to have forgotten is that a baby typically has a mother nearby. And she was not happy.

Now she’s done it….

Nor was she alone.

I’m starting to feel like I’m lost in Michael Crichton’s imagination

It was touch and go for awhile, but the dinos finally tired of us and wandered back into the desert.

I hope that Kathryn has learned her lesson this time.

Oh no… not AGAIN.

Now this is a pressing matter…

*Around Borrego Springs are 129 metal sculptures by Ricardo Breceda. The land owner, Dennis Avery, commissioned these works, of which these are only a few.

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