On to Colorado


Leaving Texas, our next destination is Colorado where we’ll spend the next several weeks. We decided to leave Friday afternoon to get a start on the driving. The route we decided upon was to go up through the Texas panhandle, across the Oklahoma panhandle and enter Colorado from the southeast.

On Friday, we made it to Childress, Texas before stopping for some rest.

No, this isn't a truck stop

Its truck night at Walmart










This route took us through the plains, which are a whole lot of not much around here. They have a quiet beauty though. Slightly undulating with the occasional outcropping of rock, mound or dry river bed. Sunsets seem to last longer here than in the mountains as well. Back in Tennessee, one moment you have pretty colors, the next you’re wondering who turned off the lights.

Panhandle sunset

The wind was blowing constantly on our journey. And from the trees, it looked like this wasn’t just today. They all grew pointing eastwardly. We really should have taken pictures of these lopsided trees.

We stopped for a few minutes in Springfield, Colorado. There are several of these rusted iron figures along Main Street as you pass through town.











On Saturday, we stopped at John Martin Reservoir State Park in eastern Colorado. This park caters mainly to those who enjoy fishing and being on the water. For us it made for a nice stop before pushing on to our goal.The park is on the downstream side of the dam, and due to the drought, the water level is down from where it would normally be.

John Martin Reservoir Dam

We stayed in spot 31, right by the water.

Our site for the night

The campground itself is nice with larger spots and lots of shade. However, most of the roads are dirt and there are only electrical hookups (20, 30 and 50 amp service though).


Then on Sunday morning we headed into Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs dead ahead

We’re staying at Cheyenne Mountain State Park.¬†Kathryn has already decided she could live here. That girl really loves the mountains.

We like this site

We also have a nice view of the city below us.

Colorado Springs

There is a lot around here to see and do, so we’re looking forward to a fun filled week.

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