After Deception Pass, we headed down to Olympia, Washington. We pulled into the Washington Land Yacht Harbor. This is an Airstream park and development and is the home of the Washington Unit of the WBCCI. There are 192 residential lots and 163 full hookup sites in their Terraport. The Terraport is comprised of two large gravel lots with “Harmony Hall” between the two. We were one of only four Airstreams in the Terraport, so it was a peaceful stay.

Our stay here was rather busy though. So busy that I didn’t take hardly any pictures.

Mary left us to return to Minnesota for an annual knitting retreat. She made sure to take a picture of the snow to torment Kathryn with.

Kathryn’s favorite weather

I meanwhile was busy with:

  • Kathryn and her schooling.
  • Rebuilt my AirSafe hitch.
  • Took the truck in for new tires.
  • Took the truck in for a new flywheel, clutch, throw out and pilot bearings, front axle joints, rear axle seal and front crank seal. OUCH!!!!
  • Spent several days rebuilding the reimaged laptop, only to have to return it and get another new one, to rebuild again.

And since I was without transportation for awhile, our transportation to the grocery store was our feet. Oh well.

Some of our stops are fun, and some are just plain work. But hey, this is life. And for the most part, we get to just be out and have fun while we do our normal work and life.

Next week will be better.


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