Nolin Lake State Park


After Henderson, our next stop is Nolin Lake State Park. This is a fairly new state park for Kentucky, as it opened in 2001. It has 32 campsites and lies on the shores of Nolin Lake, which is a 5,795 acre lake created by damming Nolin River. The park itself is 333 acres in size.

Our large site

The sites are a generous size for the most part. A good number of the sites are along the shoreline, though ours was not. Instead we were closer to the front of the campground, where there was a little more space. The weather was pleasant enough I even got in some working outside, which makes for a nice workday.

Inviting work space


Now how can a cube compete with this?

The state had just completed some re-work and while the park remained open, the week we were there was the grand re-opening. There was a small carnival and live entertainment.

Carnival rides

Kathryn tried out some body art.

Look Mom! And no needles involved!

Then that night, there was fireworks. That is always a plus.

While there, we saw these other two Airstreams.

Nolin Lake State Park is definitely aimed towards those who enjoy being out on the water. While the water level was down, there is a nice beach and spots to launch your boat. During the weekends, the lake is nonstop activity. But during the week, it was calm and peaceful. As with most state parks, there is also a playground for the children and a hiking path that follows the shoreline for a bit before it meanders off into the woods.

Kathryn had plenty of other kids to play with and got in a lot of bike riding,

so she figured this was a good park.

While we enjoyed this park, our main purpose to be in this area was to see Mammoth Cave. Mammoth Cave National Park is just south of the state park. And since the state park had water and 50 amp service at the sites, it met our needs better than the primitive sites at the national park would. Eventually we’re going to need to get solar on our Airstream. This will give us a lot more freedom in where we stay.

As usual, here’s some more pictures of the park.

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