Monday in the Mountains


Yesterday we arrived in Colorado Springs, Colorado and we’ll be here a bit over a week enjoying the natural wonder we find ourselves in. Being Monday, it is the start of another work week for me.

Hmmm… let’s see… This is my view from inside the Airstream.

Inside desk

This is the view from outside the Airstream.

Outside desk

 Tough call. I guess I’ll have to be swapping off where I work.

 When we checked in here at Cheyenne Mountain State Park, Mary picked up a visitor’s guide. And Kathryn got her hands on it… So while I worked to keep diesel in the tank, Mary and Kathryn went to the Cave of the Winds. And no, our little thrill seeker was not interested in the cave like I would be. Her goal was the Wind Walker Challenge Course, which I prefer to call The Tower of Terror.

Tower of Terror

 Yep, my feet are quite happy being on the ground, so I’m glad I was back at my desk. Kathryn, however, was thrilled at being turned loose on this. It was a slow morning, so she was able to spend well over an hour climbing all around.

Not sure where she got the simian genes...

 Next up was The Bat-a-Pult, also known as the Are you out of your Mind? Billed as “an epic, 1200-foot round trip flight across Williams Canyon”, it is a zipline ride across some beautiful terrain that would be much more enjoyable on the ground, thank you very much. See, here is a picture from the zipline. You can’t enjoy the scenery nearly as much from way up there.


 After my work day completed, we all headed out to the Garden of the Gods. This is much more my speed, and is one of the main reasons I wanted to stop in Colorado Springs. There are just so many gorgeous rock formations here.

Mary dropped Kathryn and I off at the North Main Parking lot. We walked through the Perkins Central Garden Trail, down the Palmer Trail, around the Siamese Twins Trail and then met back up with Mary at the Trading Post (Mary walked the Siamese Twins Trail). Our walk took about three hours as there was just so much to enjoy.

While on the path, Kathryn also noticed something else of interest to her. Evidence of horses. On the trail. They must ride horses here. So yes… I know what is now on the docket for tomorrow. But this day has been quite full and its time to call it a night.

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