Las Vegas and Lake Mead


After leaving Slab City, we headed up to Las Vegas as Rich has some business to attend to there. Our path took us through Box Canyon which made for an enjoyable journey.

IMGP1851IMGP1859We spent three nights in Vegas… yep, that about covers it for us.

After Vegas, we headed out to Lake Mead. This is much better than Vegas.

This light show tops anything Vegas has to offer

While here, we all went to see Hoover Dam.

Hoover Dam

I loved the Art Deco theme and all the thought that went into the construction turning this massive engineering feat into a work of art.

IMGP1877IMGP1919The girls liked the angels due to the role they played in the Percy Jackson saga.

IMGP1892As the dam straddles the state border, Kathryn again found a way to be in more than one state at the same time.

State of confusion…. again….

This would be a nice way to view the dam as well.

IMGP1929Tours of the dam are offered, but it was much too crowded this day for us to get in. Hopefully on our next visit to this area.

On our way here, I did encounter one problem. We run an AirSafe Hitch. It has an air bag which isolates the truck from the trailer, allowing for a much smoother ride for both. I think it truly works wonders. Well, on the way to Lake Mead, the air bag developed a leak, which required a new air bag. Thankfully it was still under warranty, so Air Hitch Technology sent us a replacement bag, which we will pick up once we get up to Seattle. I had to be on a conference call that afternoon, so Rich offered to call and talk with them for me. I greatly appreciate his help on this.

Rich also found out how we could use the hitch while the air bag was kaput. Basically we needed to “lock” the hitch in the lowest position so that it couldn’t move vertically, basically turning it into a regular hitch. So, Rich ran me into town so that we could cut down a 2×4 to jam into the hitch and helped me get it all rigged up.

It ain’t going anywhere now…. I think….

Thanks again Rich.

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