Ike Kinswa State Park


Well, we got all the various chores and repair work done while in Olympia. I now have a functional work laptop again, and Mary actually decided to return from her fun knitting retreat and come back to Kathryn and I. I’m thinking the Minnesota snow had something to do with that return though.

Since we’re all back together and fully functional again, we’re ready to get out of town. We headed down to Ike Kinswa State Park which is just a bit south of Olympia. The 454 acre park sits on the north side of Mayfield Lake.

On the way here, we passed through the Mary’s Corner, where Mary spied a shop of interest to her. I just couldn’t seem to get the truck slowed down enough for her to jump out. :)

Coffee and Mary naturally go together

We found ourselves a nice shaded campsite and settled in for a few days.

Our site

There’s a short trail along the shoreline which made for a nice walk when taking a break from the computer.

View from the walking path

We liked this little park and it made a nice stop on our way back down south.

As we noted earlier, we ended up starting our trip later than desired. We also have some time commitments that require us to be in certain areas by the dates we’ve set. So in order to do so, our time in the northwest is being cut short by several weeks. But we do still have three more weeks to spend in this area, so we’re going to head down the Pacific Coast Highway and enjoy at least some of Oregon.

We normally spend at least a week in each spot as that just fits my work schedule the best. But we’re going to change our travel schedule up a bit. Oregon’s coast is covered with a string of state parks, so many that it would take much longer than we have to visit them all. But we’ve picked eight parks to visit over the next three weeks. All but the last, which is inland, are between 30 and 60 minutes from each other. And since I’m on the west coast, working east coast time, I can put in my work day and then drive to another park.

So…. off to the ocean we go.


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