Humbug Mountain State Park


Humbug Mountain State Park lies along the coast in southern Oregon and is our last stop along the coast for this trip. The campground lies along the western side of the PCH.

Campsite at Humbug Mountain

I’d like more space around most the campsites, but the one we picked was a decent size and offered Kathryn room to roam around the Airstream.

Beach access is via a path that crosses under a bridge.

The beach is that-a-way….

This park is my hands down favorite of all the places we stayed in Oregon. The four mile long black sand beach is surrounded by hills

IMGP2391with large rocks out in the waves.

IMGP2386The crashing waves here are the quintessential ocean sound. I took my lunch breaks out on the beach and headed right back out after work to relax, just listening to the incoming surf.

As the tide recedes, it exposes tidal pools along the northern end of the beach.

IMGP2417Exposing all manner of sea life.

Baby Hortas?
More Starfish

Hidden beneath the sand are clams, making their presence known by squirting your legs as you walked by.

Crossing under the PCH on the south-western side of the campground, you reach a path that heads up Humbug Mountain.

DSCF5170The 5.5 mile round trip up the 1,761 feet mountain is an easy hike through the woods. There were blooms along the way to enjoy


DSCF5196some small forest life,


DSCF5195and ends with a great view at the top.

DSCF5185There’s also a 2.6 mile long trail that follows the path of the old coast highway. I didn’t end up having time to take this one though.

This park is the first one that I could seriously see myself wanting to be a camp host at. For me, this place offers everything I think a beach ought to have, as well as having a nice mountain to hike up. I really want to spend more time here and we’ll be returning here some day.

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