Heading to San Luis State Park


Before departing Alumafandango, we enjoyed a potluck breakfast with several fellow Airstreamers. We then hitched up and headed south. While on the road, we saw two Airstreams (including one we parked beside during a brief stop) and an Argosy.

Desiring an easy drive, we headed down 25 then west across 160. This is lovely terrain.



So is this

Late that afternoon we arrived at San Luis State Park. The park makes for a nice base for us to enjoy this area as it is both quiet and offers 50 amp power. We have 4G cellular service via AT&T, though our Verizon coverage fades in and out. Unfortunately, due to the drought, the lake is completely dry. But this is still a gorgeous area.

View from our site

Monday was a quiet, yet busy day for us. We’re still recovering a bit from Alumafandango, but there was still a lot to get accomplished today. I took most of last week off, so catching up at work took awhile, with over 1,000 emails to go through and then figure out where all my outstanding projects stood.

Mary took care of the laundry that had accumulated over the past week. I swear that when she brought it back to the Airstream, it had tripled in size. After completing that task, she set in on something near and dear to both her and Kathryn’s hearts. Today was the first day of school, seventh grade to be precise.¬†As is normal when beginning school, it is going to take a few days to get into the swing of things.

After both schooling and work was complete, Kathryn and I took a walk across the dry lake bed and watched rain bounce around the area.

We’re hoping tomorrow goes smoothly and that we’re all back to a normal rested state. Then we can set in on exploring this area. But for this evening we enjoyed the sunset.

Sunset on the Airstream

And on the mountains

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