Fort Boonesborough


At Fort Boonesborough State Park in Kentucky, there is a reconstruction of Fort Boonesborough, a settlement founded by Daniel Boone. This settlement was one of the first American settlements west of the Appalachians. The fort is close to, but not at, the original location. There are some modern amenities, such as heating, cooling and modern lighting for the buildings. Despite this, it still offers an enjoyable and educational time though. While we visited during the week, there were several re-enactors producing period articles and discussing the techniques and materials. If you visit, the weekend would be a better time as there are many more re-enactors and activities then.

After entering the fort, you work your way counter-clockwise around the interior. The first blockhouse offers a short documentary. Then there are cabins showing the typical stages of settlement, followed by cabins dedicated to various crafts, as well as three more blockhouses.

Cabins and settlement garden

We watched a lady weaving fabric and learned about the fibers and dyes that were used.

Weaving linen

We then talked with a tin smith. The picture below shows the three metal shapes that are used to create a drinking cup.

Drinking cup

There was a blacksmith forging the materials needed for a rifle. And yes, he sells the rifles.

Demonstrating rifle making

We greatly enjoyed talking with the lady below about period cooking. The recipes from the period are vastly different than ours today. They would list the ingredients, not necessarily the measurements though. It was also assumed that you knew how to cook, so cooking directions weren’t given either. It was truly interesting. Mary also got some pointers for dutch oven cooking.

Pioneer cooking

Here are some more pictures.

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