Escapees Turkey Creek Park


Our next stop was Branson Missouri. We ‘re on our way up to Jackson Center, Ohio and this was a convenient stop on the way. Unfortunately, we were only here three days and I had a lot of work to get caught up on. So we weren’t able to enjoy all that Branson has to offer. Instead we stayed at our campsite and lived like a normal, but incredibly busy, family.

We stayed at the Escapees Turkey Creek Park. It is a nice park and conveniently in town so that Branson’s sights are easily reached. It is, however, an extremely tight park. Here’s our campsite.

Our campsite

While backing into it, I had to swing the front of our truck to within a foot of the motorhome across from us. This led to some rather concerned looks from our new neighbors. :)  One of our other nieghbors told us that he had been in that spot and decided to move before anyone pulled in across from him. He didn’t want to have to try to pull out while avoiding another camper.

Here’s a better view of the roads in the campground.

Narrow road and all 90 degree back in spots. Fun.....

Once in though, it is a nice park and rather quiet given that you’re in town. We’ll probably be back at some point when we have time to actually enjoy Branson.


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