On to Durango


Monday found us on the road again, this time to Durango, Colorado. Seeing as it was only about three and a half hours down the road, we took our time getting up and moving in the morning. Of course, for us, that meant not getting out of bed until six and then getting on the road around nine. But that would be getting up at eight Eastern, which is what I still work on, so that rather late for us.

Yet more mountains

Chimney Rock

The drive itself was nice, as every road seems to be here in Colorado. The mountains here offer so many different looks, from rolling hills, to true mountains, to volcanic ridges, to the red rock mountains, to the inselbergs in southwestern Colorado. And yet there is so much that we haven’t seen yet. I think we could spend all year here and still have more to see. Guess we’ll have to be making some return visits.

They get snow here....

Our route took us over Wolf Creek Pass (10,857 feet). Our Ram was quite happy going up the mountain, though I did let the speed drop a bit to keep the temperature in check. When we made it back down, given the 7-8% grade, I stopped to check the brake temperatures and they were rather high, so we let them cool off before continuing on our way. I see an exhaust brake in our near future.

Our first day in Durango was rather quiet. After work and school was finished for the day we headed down to “Historic Downtown Durango” to see what the downtown was like. Old downtowns just have a nostalgic appeal to me.

Downtown Durango

Mary found Yarn Durango.

A rainbow of fiber

Yarn stores can always prove dangerous, but we made it out with only one item, a new pattern book that is appropriate for our lifestyle. Of course, on our way home, Mary pointed out that with new patterns, she would need new yarn. And since they have a knit night next Monday night (Wednesday nights are knit nights as well), she’ll be going back. Oh well…. as long as Mama’s happy….

An excuse for more yarn... But there are lots of cute sock patterns in it.

Kathryn found a store to her liking…. Fuzziwigs. She was literally a kid in a candy store. The rule for filling her bag was, if you didn’t know what it is, it goes in. She did make an exception for some Nik-L-Nips, as she doesn’t find them too often, but everything else is new to her. She told us that she didn’t know they made so many different kinds of candy. I guess her life is a bit too sheltered.

Treatment for the sweet tooth.

And naturally, we also found a bookstore to peruse.


In addition there are lots of other stores, eating establishments and a couple hotels. While Mary is busy knitting, Kathryn and I will be prowling these streets some  more.

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