Dateline: Dateland


We had a great time visiting Rich, Eleanor and Emma in Tucson. They were wonderful hosts.

Mary and I pulled out this morning and were enjoying the drive when it hit us… It is just abnormally quiet out here. Oh…. it’s because we left the kid back in Tucson. Rich and Eleanor offered to let Kathryn and Emma continue being inseparable, so Kathryn will catch up to us tomorrow.

Heading west from Tucson, you through a whole lot of open desert. Now and then you see signs of civilization, as well as pockets of agriculture. It’s surprising to see green out here in the desert, but thanks to irrigation some are able to eke a living from the desert soil. One small point of agriculture and civilization is Dateland, Arizona. Established in the 1920′s as a water stop for the railroad, Dateland now serves as a waystation for horseless carriages, as well as a small agricultural community.

The main attraction for travelers is the combination service station,  store, cafe, RV park and date orchard. After filling up and speaking with a lady who used to own an Airstream which she had shipped to Hawaii, we parked and went into the store. They offer free samples of the various dates they have in stock.

Many, many dates to select from

We especially liked the Medjool dates which are like eating candy. However, after checking the carb content, we decided that we would allow ourselves a single splurge of a date shake.

Date Shakes at Dateland

The shake looks like almost like chocolate shake

Date Shake

but has the distinct flavor of the Medjool date as well as being incredibly sweet, so sweet that these two sweet-toothes couldn’t finish our shared shake.

After our short stop here, we continued our westward journey to Anza-Borrego. We met up with a couple of Rich and Eleanor’s friends, Brian and Leigh in one of the boon-dock areas.


It’s really lovely out here and incrediblly quiet. So quiet that my ears were ringing as they adjusted to the quiet. Our modern world is so full of noise that we don’t even notice it until its gone. Then we can just wonder at the quiet beauty of this creation.

Sunset in the desert

But tomorrow our little noise maker will rejoin us.

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