Courtesy Parking in Tucson


Heading south from Phoenix, we found ourselves parked outside of the world wide headquarters of Airstream Life. We met Rich and Eleanor a couple years ago at Alumapalooza 2. Then last year at Alumapalooza 3, Kathryn and Emma met. The world may never be the same…

Rich and Eleanor invited us to drop in on them if we were ever in the area, so we took them up on it this week. The plan was to courtesy park in their carport with full hookups. The carport has played host to many different Airstreams over the years, including ones with slideouts, so Rich assured me that we could get it in.

Now, here I am backing into a driveway with Mary standing on one side of the driveway and Rich standing on the other flanked by his two Airstreams, the front of which is a polished, restored Caravel. I explained to my beloved that given the choice of the two, that I was terribly sorry but I’d have to be aiming for her rather than the precious aluminum on Rich’s side (and he did end up moving the Caravel). We got our Airstream all lined up and a few feet in when, we unfortunately set a precedent. A 34 foot Airstream with dual air does NOT fit. Given our length and the angle of the driveway, we were canted up just enough that the rear air would have been taken out by the spanish tile roof. Thankfully Mary was spotting me for height and saw this prior to hitting anything. We only needed maybe one more inch, so we could have aired down the tires, but it was easier to just pull out front.

Monday evening Eleanor created a wonder dinner for us.

You just can’t imagine how good this meal was

I still don’t see why Rich doesn’t look more like poor Violet Beauregard. I know I would if I ate her cooking all the time. She is just incredible.


The next day we celebrated Mary and Kathryn’s birthdays. Yes, twelve years ago, Mary received Kathryn as a very special birthday present, so they now share this day. We marked it with food




IMGP1395and two cakes.

IMGP1378It was a great evening.

Another highlight of this week was the trip the girls took to the Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum. In addition to all the desert plant life, they were able to see the raptors

IMGP1445and watch them in flight.

IMGP1483Rich took me on a drive up into Saguaro East.

20130319_152518We had just a wonderful week doing lots of fun things here, but what was even more fun was just spending time with our friends.

We did do a bit of work while here as well. Rich let me help out some with his cabinet construction, I wired a couple of the Dioder led bars, one as a night light in the bathroom (so we don’t blind ourselves in the middle of the night) and another as a desk light.

IMGP1487Rich also scaled our Airstream to replace an air conditioner shroud. That’s taking the offer of courtesy parking to new heights.

IMGP1506Mary also completed an afgan that she began, oh…. about 15 years ago. Obviously it wasn’t the highest thing on her list.

IMGP1503Sadly, our time in Tucson has come to an end, but we’ll spend the next couple of weeks travelling with our friends. This should be fun.


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