Four Corners


Ever since fifth grade when Mary read The Arrow Book of States which contained a caricature of a man standing on one foot at the Four Corners, she has had a strong desire to see the Four Corners. This desire intensified after she had a picture taken of herself standing on the Prime Meridian at age 18. She has also had a lifelong love affair with geography and maps. For years, whenever we’d be on a roadtrip, the atlas would sit in her lap for ready comparison to the view out the window.

So like a good husband, when the wife says she wants to see something, my only response is yes dear. So, off to Four Corners we went.

As always here in Colorado, the drive was visually interesting. After passing by more of the Rockies, we started seeing inselbergs. These just fascinated me. They look like some huge rainstorm came through and washed all the dirt off a mountain.

A mountain minus it's soil?

The terrain had this desolate beauty that was just great to see.

While passing through Cortez, we ran across a different type of beauty, The Silver Bean.

Coffee in Aluminum

The Four Corners monument sits by itself in the middle of nowhere.

Here we are

The monument is surrounded on four sides by booths with Native American vendors hawking various wares, mainly jewelry.

Vendor Booths

Here is the monument itself.

Four Corners Monument

Marker at the exact Four Corners point

Mary finally got her desired photograph.

A desire fulfilled

As did the rest of us.

Kathryn in four states simultaneously.... Would this be a state of confusion?

Geographic center

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