Mary and I both like to decorate with color. Color is something that is missing with a Classic Airstream. I’ve even heard the interior likened to coffin decor, lots of plush white. White ceiling, white fuzzy walls, white bulkhead walls, white curtains. White.. white… white… So we’re going to change this up a bit.

The first change was to the walls in the galley and dinette area. Here they are as from Airstream.


As you see…. white….

So, I went online (Isn’t the Internet a wonderful thing?). In the house we had prior to our Airstream, Mary and I had turned Kathryn’s room into an African savannah. One side of the room was covered with a wallpaper mural of an animal filled watering hole. I figured that if we could do that, in a 90 year old house, including both an inner and outer corner, and getting the mural to line up (and even stay married afterwards), we could easily do something here… So I went to Murals Your Way to see what I could find.

We ended up picking this one.


It’s meant to evoke the colors of a sunset behind a stand of evergreens. While a good part of the mural either wouldn’t be visible or used, it was one that could add lots of color to the walls while adding the interest of a tree silhouette, which fits with our normal surroundings.

Their murals come in three different materials, vinyl, canvass and “SmartStick”. SmartStick is basically a huge sticker that can be removed and repositioned (or moved to an entirely different location). This sounded good to me given that I was expecting it to be a bit challenging to get it to line up properly (which it was) around all the cabinetry. It would have been better to remove all the cabinets, but I just didn’t want to have a go at the upper cabinets.

As with laying the flooring, the various angles and curves made for hanging this wallpaper rather interesting. We also had the TV on the one wall, with all the wiring for it coming from within the refrigerator cabinet. To get the wiring out of the way, we had to pull the refrigerator to pull the wiring. Then after hanging the wallpaper, we put the wiring back in place and then re-installed the refrigerator. It was a bit of work, but worth it.

Here’s some pictures of the results.

Dinette wall
Galley wall
Final Results

As you can see, we also added a sound bar for the TV. The sound was wired through the Airstream’s stereo. But the speakers are pretty close to being beside your ears when sitting on the couch. This didn’t make for the most pleasant listening experience.

Our next project was the white bathroom. This room is quite small, so we wanted something visually simple, yet colorful. We decided to use paint here. We made several trips to Lowes for color samples. One thing we found was that the colors look quite different under the bright white LED lights we have in the bathroom. So it took quite a few tries to find a color sample we could agree on.

Here’s the results in the bathroom.


We’re happy with the added color. For us, it just brightens things up and makes for a more interesting place to live.

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