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With most of our remodeling completed while staying in Knoxville, we only had the cabinetry left to be completed (covered in our last post). Once it was ready, we headed up to Jackson Center, Ohio to get this last bit in before we headed off into the sunset.

This area of Ohio has the strangest cellular signals I’ve ever seen. You might have coverage in one spot, take a couple of steps, and it is suddenly gone. We normally haunt state parks, but the closest one, Lake Loramie, was a complete bust for cellular coverage when we tried it last year. So we headed straight for the Terra Port at the mother ship. We can get decent AT&T coverage there, in that one spot. Verizon is a bit more hit and miss, but still doable there. And it is only $10 a night to stay when you’re not having work done. So that made it an easy choice.

When we first drove up, we noticed the Terra Port was more full than we’ve ever seen it.

Almost full house at the Terra Port

But it was a ghost town….. These Airstreams were all patiently awaiting their winter refit while their owners were hopefully enjoying warmth somewhere else.

We made a quick tour of the store and this time managed to pick up just a few essentials. I think this was the cheapest that I’ve ever made it out of there.

Tuesday was the big day for the cabinetry install to commence. I stayed with the Airstream to answer questions while Mary and Kathryn headed over to New Bremen. They found the public library there, as whiling our time away with books is always a favorite pasttime. The library had these really neat statues out front.

Unexpected art find

Kathryn also found a new book series to enjoy. If I ration the purchases, I might be able to get a couple weeks out of this one, instead of the normal two days to read everything someone spent years of their life writing.

Our cabinetry was completed Wednesday afternoon and we pulled out at 5:30 that evening. We normally don’t travel during the week, but snow was forecast for the weekend, so time to head south… now! We made it as far as  La Grange, Kentucky before pulling over for the night at the local Walmart. I have this fear that one day we’re going to be featured on the People of Walmart. But this is really a great perk that Walmart offers. Unless local ordinances forbid, Walmart allows people to stay overnight on their parking lot, as long as you stay well out of the way, and you don’t take advantage of it (i.e. spend your vacation camping there). We always run in and do some grocery shopping while there as well. We need the food anyway, and this way we can repay them for their kindness.

We got up the next morning before the sun did and continued our southward trek, making Dickson, Tennessee before it was time to “clock in” for the work day. We began our day at the Pilot Truck stop, where after re-fueling, we settled in for my morning work session. (Do you notice a certain lack of, um…, romance to this travel plan so far?) We then used my lunch break to head over to Montgomery Bell State Park.

This state park has a lot to offer, water, golfing, indoor swimming, a restaurant, conference center, even a hotel. All of this went unused by us. We simply wanted a couple days of peace to recuperate from all that we’ve been doing lately. We didn’t even bother to unhitch while there, just pull in and relax.

The campground has two loops, one reservable, the other for walk-ins. Since we didn’t have a reservation, we had to stay in the loop for walk-ins, even though there were only four sites in use the days we were there. Well, rules are rules. However, I sure wouldn’t want to stay in this loop during the busy season.

Tight spaces

Sllideouts and awnings would have made this small space terribly interesting. And we’re so long that I had to drive the wrong way to be able to get into this spot.

The spots in the reservable section were, for the most part, larger than this.

By reservation only

But overall, our stay suited our needs. We needed peace, quiet and natural beauty. We found it here and were able to start the process of getting back into our normal calm mode of life.

Our next stop is to visit my father in Joshua, Texas.

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