Cape Lookout State Park


After a couple days at Nehalem Bay, we headed a bit down the road to Cape Lookout State Park, just outside of Tillamook. As we drove through town we passed a sign that was tempting, yet threatened great harm to my wallet.

I see much cheese in my future….

But… we’re on our way to the state park, so I can’t stop now. :)

We arrived and got ourselves set up amongst the trees

Shady spot to reside

and skunk cabbage.

Now that is a big bloom

Then we went back to the cheese.

Tillamook Cheese Factory

Tillamook Cheese has an interesting history. The cheese factory is a facility run by the Tillamook County Creamery Association, which currently includes 110 dairies. The Tillamook Valley is ideal for dairy cattle, but it is isolated by the surrounding mountains. So in 1854 several area farmers built the schooner Morning Star to transport their goods to market. While only used by the farmers for a short time, it helped establish a market and is the logo for the TCCA. A recreation of the schooner resides on the factory grounds (pictured above).

The factory tour begins with the obligatory photo op. Kathryn decided her place was behind the camera.

Yeah…. Mary had a cow…. Not a little lamb…

Then we went upstairs where there is a small history display,

The history of Tillamook Cheese

and where you can view parts of the factory, from the vats

DSCF5040to the packaging of the cheese.

DSCF5032They produce a lot of cheese here.


Some of which they sell in the store on the first floor.

Yes, we have cheese

In addition to cheese, the TCCA produces other dairy products which include ice cream.

And Ice Cream

Cheese and Ice Cream… a deadly combination. After splurging on an ice cream treat, we picked up a small amount of cheese and headed back to the Airstream.

About 10 lbs of cheese… I knew this was going to be painful… but good…

There’s lots of stuff besides cheese here though, of which we only had time for some.

We sent to see the Cape Meares Lighthouse.

Commissioned Jan. 1, 1890

When functional, the light alternated between red and white.

View of the lens

Interestingly, when you peer through the first order Fresnel lens, far off objects are inverted, while objects close to the lens remain right side up.

Note that the ocean is in the sky….

We saw a massive Sitka spruce known as the octopus tree.

Octopus Tree

Estimated to be around 250 years old, this three owes it’s shape to the local Tillamook tribe. They shaped the branches to hold canoes and other ceremonial objects.

We hiked out to Munson Falls, Oregon’s larges waterfall.

No… that’s not it…
This is Munson Falls

While back at the park, I enjoyed a hike up the hill,

Just a ways down….

To an ocean overlook.


Mary an I spent an evening on the beach watching the sun go down (pictured above). Close to sunset, a hang-glider soared overhead

Hang-Glider overhead

And then came in for a perfect landing on the beach.

and landing

We had a good time here.

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