Cabinetry and a New Bed


The final part of our remodel for this year is the new cabinet work.

We found out that Airstream subs out the hickory work to Roettger Hardwoods in Kettlersville, Ohio.  So we contacted them about the work we wanted to be done. While the finish on our existing cabinetry had aged, we figured that starting with the same finish would be best, and we could get the work down by the same people that did it for Airstream. So at the end of  last year’s trip, we went up to Ohio to talk with Dennis Roettger. It was on this trip that we ran into the Mali Mish crew.

Due to several uncontrollable circumstances, the work did take longer than anticipated. But the results are great.

First for the smaller items…

My cellular amp and router are kept in an upper cabinet. While the location works, it can get hot in there. So I’ve been having to keep the door open to keep the equipment cool enough. Dennis made me a door with slots in it for ventilation.

Vented cabinet door

I’m going to see how relying on natural airflow works to keep it cool. If it still gets too warm in there, I have a computer fan that I can install to actively move air through the cabinet.

We also had some racks made for the bedroom. These give us a spot to store a few books, lap desk and a keyboard.

Mary’s book rack
Kyle’s book rack

And now for the larger items…

As mentioned in an earlier post, we decided to redo the dinette. What we came up with was a table to run lengthwise along the wall instead of out into the room. This would allow a person to sit along each of the three open sides.

Dining table

The original dinette bench had light switches on the back of it. For now I have attached these switches to the wall using existing screw holes and velcro. Not the most attractive solution, but it will work for this year. This coming winter I intend to take our Airstream in to the factory for some further customization. At that point, I’ll have them open this wall up, run the wiring in a professional fashion and install new mouse fur.

The table then opens up into a computer workstation.

Workstation mode

This design gives me a good space to work which easily closes up without my having to pack everything up. I simply close the lid and we’re ready for either a meal or for travel. From a functional standpoint, this is a great improvement. There is enough room to mount a second monitor which I’ll probably be doing later this year. I want to use the one for awhile and see how it all works out.

Visually, this new design opens the area up. It takes up less room than the original dinette, and without the second bench, it is open underneath which opens up the sightline.

This looks so much more open

The large surface area of the table will also provide for an addition food prep area. Since our counter space is limited, this will help a lot when we’re preparing some of our more involved meals.

The next area of improvement is the hallway.

Kathryn has been wanting a space of her own, which makes a lot of sense, especially when we’re all sharing this small space. While at Alumafandango, we took a look at the Works‘ Airstream. They’ve redone their bedroom from one queen bed to bunks and a computer desk. They were kind enough to let me have Kathryn try the bunk for size. The size worked well for her. This confirmed something I’ve been thinking about. You see, their bunks are the same size as the closet in our hallway. As I told Kathryn, if sleeping in a closet was good enough for Harry Potter, it should be good enough for her.

The closet is a really great feature of our Airstream. It gives us so much space for storage. But, Kathryn needs her own space.. So, out the closet goes. We did come up with a design to still give us some storage in this area though.

IMGP0370The three drawer fronts open as follows.

IMGP0357The top drawer is deep enough to go to the back wall. The next drawer down is half that depth in order to clear the wheelwell. The bottom is hinged and opens to access the water pump.

The next drawer over is a different design. It opens up to hold our dirty clothes hamper.

IMGP0354Then, the drawer box has to clear the wheelwell.

IMGP0355This part of the drawer holds the various laundry supplies and some of my cleaners for the Airstream.

IMGP0356Then Kathryn has a bed over the drawers.

IMGP0351IMGP0352The memory foam mattress came from Rocky Mountain Mattress. One of the services they offer is custom mattresses to fit whatever size and shape you need. I simply provided a digital sketch of what I needed and it was delivered in less than a week. Very nice.

We took the magazine rack from the now removed dinette bench and added it at the foot of the bed so Kathryn has a spot for her Kindle and such.


She has a pillow to turn the bed into a lounge area.

IMGP0365And she can close the curtain as in a rail car, so she has privacy when desired.

IMGP0378She also has the option of closing off the hallway doors to have a larger, private bedroom. Overall this is a great improvement for us and Kathryn is just so happy with the results.

IMGP0380In a few years when Kathryn goes off to college, we’ll be able to reclaim the bed area as a closet while retaining the new lower cabinetry. This will make for an even nicer storage solution than the original. But for now, a bed it is.

We’re now finished with our remodel plans for this year. We do have some more changes we want to make in the future, but it is past time for us to be out on the road and enjoying this incredible creation that we live in.

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  1. Hi Kyle;

    Just found your blog site. Very impressed with your Airstream renovations.
    We have a 29ft, 84 Soverign that we want to make some changes to. I think I might use some of yours if you don’t mind.
    If you are ever thinking of heading north to Toronto, Canada look us up. We live in the bush, 4 hours north of Toronto. We have plenty of room for parking your trailer and exploring the area. We are about two hours south of Algonquin Park.
    Safe travels and thanks for sharing your life on the road.

    • Kyle says:


      Thanks for visiting our blog. We’re enjoying the renovations we’ve made, and if they give you ideas for your Airstream, please do use any that you like.
      If we make it up your way in the future, we’ll see if we can look you up. Thanks for the invite. :)

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