At over 600,000 acres, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park is the largest state park in California. Given the size and our time limit of only a week here, we barely scratched the surface of this wonderful area. We’ve read so many accounts of people who return here year after year, and we now see why.

The afternoon after we arrived, Rich, Eleanor and Emma joined us out here in the desert. They also returned Kathryn to us. I guess the adoption isn’t going to work out after all…

Boondocking Airstreams

There’s now three Airstreams out here, but we’re spread out enough that we all have a peaceful site.

While we’re in the desert, there is more here than peaceful solitude. Prior to leaving Tucson, we set my bike up for offroad use. So I was able to take a ride across the desert. There are “roads” all across this area. Part of it is gravel and rocks, but for the most part it is just loose sand which is rather interesting to bike through. The path leads out across a dry lake bed and up to the mountains.

This was the easy part

The next day Rich took Brian, Leigh, Mary and myself down this same trail in his Mercedes. We not only made it further than I had, but this was much easier than my bike ride.

Off-roading in style

This is a great time to be out here as we can enjoy the desert blooms.

Green blooms

Rich and Eleanor took us over to the wind caves. The girls really enjoyed exploring the formations that the wind as created in the sandstone.

Lots of climbing spots

This is a great spot from which to view the badlands.


This is really a cool area.

Formations and Views

After this, we headed over to walk through the slot canyon.

Slot Canyon

And yet again the girls found spots to climb.

Climbing girls

The canyon starts out decently wide but as you walk through, it soon becomes a slot the rains have melted in the desert floor.

IMGP1734I found the various formations fascinating.


IMGP1735IMGP1736Midweek we headed over to the state park campground where all the girls were able to hike the Palm Valley trail.

yeah… we’re cool….

They lucked out that not only did they see the palms,

DSCF4976but they found a much more elusive site, the desert bighorn.

Peninsular Bighorn Sheep

While we won’t be able to return here every year as so many do, we will definitely be back.



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