Alumapalooza 2012


We again began our travels for the year with Alumapalooza. It is sponsored by Airstream Life (and others) and is held at the Airstream factory.

The rally this year was much more relaxing than last. We are much more comfortable with our Airstream and travelling in it. We also know a lot more about what we’re doing. So, we were able to enjoy the sessions more rather than frantically hanging on every word imparted. It is a great way to kick off the summer.

We again got to meet other Airstream owners, see some very nice units and just overall have fun. Kathryn made a new friend as well. This year Emma Luhr attended and the girls connected right off. Like Emma’s father said, it’s like they’re clones of each other. So, it ended up that Emma was with Kathryn, and by extension us, most of the waking hours. The girls made this decision to not allow photographs of themselves for some reason. So whenever we tried to snap a picture of them, this happened.

Girls gone wild

Oh well…

A couple of the sessions we especially enjoyed were the Aluminum Chef ones put on by Eleanor O’Dea (who just happens to be Emma’s mother). The first session was on “Million Dollar” sauces that you can easily prepare in your Airstream. And that night we discovered that the Balsamic Glaze goes wonderfully on chocolate ice cream.  The second session was a full blown meal. And we were fortunate to get to eat the meal. WOW. Eleanor can cook for us any time.

Airstream built a true Airstream galley for the Aluminum Chef.

Aluminum Chef galley and helpers

A camera was mounted on the scaffolding so that we could watch the food preparation.

Its even better than it looks.

There were around 180 units. This was, I believe, the oldest one there.

Shiny, Shiny

Entertainment during the week was provided by Hymn for Her, Antsy McClain and the incomparable Charon and Alex who gave an amazing performance of fire breathing and sword swallowing.

Alex fire eating

Overall we all had a great time. Such a great time in fact, that we went ahead and signed up for Alumafandango in Denver this fall.


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  1. Rich Luhr says:

    Thanks for the great blog, Kyle! We really appreciated Kathryn for keeping Emma completely occupied, and you & Mary for handling the two wild girls. Can’t wait till Alumafandango!

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