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Day five of Alumafandango brought yet more fun and good times. After morning exercise with Stevyn Guinnip, we headed over to the Swap Meet. Many attendees brought lots of interesting items to sell. Then Timeless Travel Trailers pulled up with an Airstream full of takeoffs. Several people found items they needed for their restoration. We found t-shirts, an apron, bracelets, a card destined for framing and a really great Airstream Life cap.

After this came the backup derby. This is an opportunity to show off your skill, good humor and test your marital bonds. The tow vehicle had the side and rear windows blacked out. A Caravel was then hitched up.

Look honey, no windows...

The driver had to drive forward through the course then back up to the starting point with only the radio directions from the other team member.

Your OTHER left

Luke and Vaughn ended up winning this by a wide margin, coming in only one second shy of the Stig’s time.

The Stig

Next up was the Aluminum Chef finals. All of the dishes were both attractive, and more importantly, very tasty.

There was then a Blogger’s Roundtable featuring Riveted, Weaselmouth and Where Is Kyle Now?. About half of us in the audience currently blog.

Blogger's round table at a rectangular table

We were then entertained by Reid Belstock, comedy juggler. He was quite good, one of our new friends likened him to a vaudeville entertainer. There were quite a few dropped jaws during his performance, and not just by the kids.

Shortly after the daily happy hour, we had dinner in the main pavilion.

Dig in

This was followed by music by Sweet Corn. They’re quite good. We enjoyed both the music and watching our fellow Airstreamers.

Sweet Corn

Everybody dance now...

This is the last day of Alumafandango 2012. We’re sorry to see it end, but all good things come to an end. Not everything went as smoothly as everyone would have liked, but it was still a great time.¬†We made lots of new friends, learned from several of the interesting seminars and saw lots of really cool Airstreams. And we got to enjoy an interesting amusement park.

We have our Airstream to go out and see people and places that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to see. By being part of the Airstream community, we also get to go places that are not regularly open to the public. How many people get to stay on the grounds of an amusement park and wander around it at will, being trusted to stay in the allowed areas and to not harm the place? That says a lot about how Airstreamers are viewed.

We had a lot of fun this week. Thank you Rich, Brett, Eleanor, Lisa and everyone else who put this week on. We definitely enjoyed it.

Goodbye Lakeside

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