Alumafandango: Day 4


As always, the first session of the day was exercise with Stevyn Guinnip. Unfortunately I had to miss this morning due to waiting for the honey wagon. But, unlike yesterday morning I had a “good”, healthy breakfast instead of a GOOD breakfast of chocolate cake with chocolate icing and lemon curd filling courtesy of the Aluminum Chef herself. (I just do not see any logical reason Rich isn’t as wide as he tall). So, I think the healthier breakfast this morning balances out the lack of exercise. That’s what I’m telling myself anyway.

This morning was open house. This is where you can visit and view other owner’s Airstreams. We find it both fun and informative to see the various floorplans and what other Airstreams have done with them.

Lots of Airstreams to see

Timeless Travel Trailers also had a number of their works available for viewing. You can find pictures from the open house here.

Several bloggers and other photographers got to go up on the The Zoom to take aerial shots of our Airstreams.

How many bloggers do you know?

Our campsite from the air

Eleanor O’Idea presented on no cook cooking. She made ceviche (both seafood and vegetarian) and gravlox . Then free samples for all. It was so good that she should have charged. Again… why is Rich so thin? The world may never know…

Woman with knife... stay back.


Fred Coldwell spoke to us again today. This time on 1947-1950 Airstream Liners.

Fred Coldwell

He also brought in his own 1948 Wee Wind “Ruby” which we toured during open house. It was parked right behind another Wee Wind. How many places do you get to see that?

Yvonne Savage spoke on decorating to bring the inside of your trailer outside and vice-versa. She is a landscape designer and has her own business, Garden Party, where she sells garden necessities and niceties.

Yvonne Savage

Jim Polk then spoke on appraising vintage trailers. His company, Polk Associates, would be happy to appraise not only your Airstream, but lots of other fun toys.

Jim Polk

It was then time for Happy Hour. Once again, there were lots of door prizes to be handed out. All you have to do is show up and they give you stuff. Mary won a bag from Zipdee that matches our awning. I won a t-shirt and two night stay from the Minnesota Airstream Park. We should be able to use that free stay on our travels next summer.

Goodies Galore

After Roving Happy Hour, we headed into the park to enjoy the rides. As part of Alumafandango, we all got wrist bands for unlimited rides. As normal, Kathryn and Emma were inseparable, so Mary and I tagged along. Mary’s brother Luke and his wife Cindy came to the park as well, so we all got to enjoy each other’s company while enjoying the park.

Kids having fun

After sunset, Lakeside comes alive.


There’s several rides I remember from my childhood and others along the same design. It’s truly a blast from the past.

There were a lot of Airstreamers in the park and it was fun seeing people you know everywhere you look. To me, it really felt almost like a carnival come to Mayberry, just a great small town atmosphere with lots of fun being had by all.

We finally got settled back in our Airstream a bit after midnight, and we’re still functioning on Eastern Time (which would make it 2 am for us). But the fun we had was definitely worth missing sleep for.

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