Alumafandango: Day 3


The campsite is filling up as almost everyone has arrived as of today. To fit everyone in, several Airstreams have had to park very close to each other, barely leaving room for the awnings. But as Laura noted over at Riveted, it opens up some decorating opportunities in the shared space. We’re at one of the ends, so we have more room. But still, being this close to our neighbors would normally bother me. Here it doesn’t. Must be something about the aluminum… or the people within.

We once again started of the day with “Wander Well”, again led by Stevyn Guinnip. Her background is in exercise physiology and she’s good at both instructing and encouraging us in the exercise routine. Today’s session covered interval training. Different than yesterday and a good, easy way to get your heart rate up. Once again, she showed some different levels so everyone could work at a point that they were comfortable with.

I then left for a tour of Timeless Travel Trailers.

Timeless Travel Trailers

It was interesting seeing their facilities. I had a picture in my head of a larger facility, but they have enough space to work all the wonders they perform. Here are pictures from the tour.

While I was gone, Mary went to watch the first round Aluminum Chef judging. This contest involved, being given a list of required ingredients, come up with a recipe which uses those and being judged presentation, creativity and flavor.

The three finalists were announced at the happy hour today.

Very talented chefs

They were then given a bag with the next set of required ingredients. The final judging will be on Saturday.

Corn, avacado and ginger are among the new ingredients

Forrest McClure gave a presentation on Cornelius Vanderbilt and Airstream.

Forrest McClure

Brett Greiveldinger discussed solar power for your Airstream. While he now has an Argosy motorhome, he previously spent three years fulltiming in an Airstream trailer equipped with solar power.

Brett has enough energy without the sun's help. :)

In the afternoon session Fred Coldwell talked about the history of Pendleton National Park blankets. The wide variety of these blankets make for an interesting collectible item. They’re also very useful to have for warmth within our Airstreams. On Saturday he will be displaying some of his collection for us.

Fred and a couple of his many slides

The Wally Byam Happy Hour was very well attended today, with many door prizes handed out.

Happy Hour full of happy people

Roving Happy Hour then followed. Several people had their green flags out at their Airstreams. The vendors also had one, with the beer stream providing free suds and a popcorn machine was also set up.

We again had an open grill with much sharing involved, both of conversation and food.

Conversation around the grill

The girls had a good time playing with our neighbor’s animals.

Girls, a bird and a dog. All parties involved had a good time.

Once again, another great day spent with new friends in aluminum.

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  1. Thank you SO much for posting the happenings at Alumafandango — you have made me feel as if I was there right alongside all of the other ‘streamers. This was an event I wished I could have attended but now thanks to you I can live vicariously through your stories. I am in awe of all of the presentations and the aluminum chef competition sounds like it would be really intriguing to watch (happen to love Iron Chef so….)

    Thank you again!

    • Doug Trout says:

      I am expecting Monica to attend and showcase her skills at the next Aluminum Chef competition wherever that might be. Like Monica, I am enjoying reading all the different accounts of the event and wishing I was there. It is especially difficult in that I am a semi-native. I just can’t get away because of work and the kids school. We may have to form a support group for Airstream bloggers who haven’t figured out how to work in a mobile setting and break away from home for these events. Keep on blogging Kyle and Mary. Those of us at home have to live vicariously through those on the road.

  2. Kyle says:

    The cooking contest and demonstrations are a lot of fun, maybe because I really enjoy eating.
    We’re glad that ya’ll are enjoying our blog and hope you keep visiting us. We’re having a great time in our travels and like sharing them.

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