Alumafandango: Day 2


Today is the first full day of Alumafandango. Work continues on improving the campsite. This, the inaugural Alumafandango, is also the first time Lakeside Amusement Park has hosted RVs in the park.

The area our campsite is in has served several purposes over the years, the latest purpose being outside storage of no longer needed items, also known as junk. Over 32 twenty-cubic-yard dumpsters full were removed. Next, fill dirt from next door, the site of an upcoming Walmart, was brought in, enough to raise the level of the campsite by two feet. When you see the size of the lot, it is a truly impressive amount of dirt. It was then leveled and power lines run. Timeless Travel Trailers is one of the co-sponsors of Alumafandango. Brett Hall, the founder and co-owner, has had crews working three shifts getting everything in order for us. While everything is not where we’d all like it to be, this site has a lot of potential for future events. Lakeside Amusement Park has a lot of character, Denver has much to offer, and being in the city, the necessary shops are immediately at hand.

Kicking off this day was “Wander Well”, led by Stevyn Guinnip. She started off with a short discussion of how even simple exercises can strengthen muscles, bones and improve balance, something that all of us need, both now and as we become more mature (not necessarily grown up). She then led us in an exercise regimen using what you will typically find at your campsite, a picnic table. The exercises were well thought out, working the whole body and she offered three difficulty levels of each exercise, so you could pick what worked best for your fitness level.

Stevyn after trying to kill us all (not really)

Next up was a historical tour of Lakeside Amusement Park led by Brett Hall. We began with historical photos and a discussion of the history of the park. The town of Lakeside and the amusement park are basically a business answer to Denver’s prohibition era. This led to a town that is 1/2 square mile with 21 residents, 17 voters and 10 police officers. It also has its own fire department with three stations to hold all the equipment they own, much of which is classic in nature. Fascinating history.

Brett Hall discussing Lakeside

Brett then led us on a tour of the park and discussed many of the rides. He has been the Park’s consulting engineer for the past 14 years.

Touring the park

Afterwards he also, in response to questions, gave us his background. His career has taken him in several directions, and it was interesting listening to him. A full writeup of the park will follow after Alumafandango.

Brett Campbell of Dexter Axle came in to discuss the axles, brakes and wheel bearings and answered questions regarding them. For years Airstream has used rubber torsion axles to provide a smooth ride, just one more of the advantages that Airstream offers.

Brett Campbell of Dexter Axle

Dave Schumann, the general manager of Airstream’s customer service department, and author of Shu’s News, presented a session on servicing and maintaining your Airstream. This discussion was interesting and of different content than the one offered at Alumapalooza.

Dave Schumann

At the next session, Rich Luhr discussed his favorite mobile apps for both travel and managing your business on the road. There’s some apps I’m going to have to be downloading. While he discussed many, one that I’m particularly interested in is Allstays Camp & RV.

Rich Luhr discussing mobile apps

As at Alumapalooza this year, Dale “Peewee” Schwamborn talked about Wally Byam, his history, life outlook and, of course, Airstream and travel. Being Wally’s cousin (I think first cousin), he both knows and has access to lots of information about Wally. Dale is always interesting to listen to, and is a genuinely great guy. We’re fortunate to have him here with us.


Rounding out the day was the Wally Byam Happy Hour with announcements and door prizes. Once again the girl duo acted as runners to deliver the prizes. This was followed by a roving happy hour and open grill night. There were many families gathered around the grill, with the childrenĀ  playing trapeze artist on the fence around the area.

Up in the air with almost the greatest of ease... and a little help from a friend.

The vendor area was also open today. All the vendors set up in a circle with their Airstreams.

A front blew through right at happy hour this evening. It was short, but the winds were rather high for a few minutes. I required help from my neighbors to get my awning in as it was blowing too hard for me to get it in myself. It’s great how fellow Airstreamers will pitch in to help each other. We got a small amount of rain as well, just enough to wet down the dust and provide that nice, fresh rain smell. I love the smell of ozone in the air.

Kathryn and Emma were once again inseparable the entire day. Its really great to watch this friendship develop and see them enjoy the event and each other’s company.

Mary worked registration again, so even more lucky people got to meet my pride and joy.

We had a good day and are looking forward to more fun tomorrow.

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