Alumafandango: Arrival Day


We waved goodbye to Cheyenne Mountain early this moring and set our sights on Denver and Alumafandango. The day before we left, we were joined on the mountain by this nice unit. It is owned by a local Colorado Springs couple. The slideout looks good on this length. We like it.

We also had a short visit from Julie (though she left husband Ken in the truck). They have a 30′ Classic and were driving through park, to see if they wanted to come back after Alumafandango. Seeing aluminum, they stopped by to say hi. That afternoon Frank and his wife pulled in across from us. They have a 25′ Safari front bedroom. They came up from Arkansas to attend Alumafandango and were also at Alumapalooza this year. Hopefully we’ll see everyone again in Denver.

As is our practice, we got an early start in the morning as was rewarded with the privilege of driving through rush hour traffic in Denver. It was rather, um… interesting. It wouldn’t be so bad, except that when you’re behind the wheel is not really the time to express your creativity. And I saw a lot of creative driving this morning. It has been a few years since I’ve had the pleasure of driving in rush hour, and I find that I still don’t miss it. I know the people that do are at least glad that they have a job to get to, but I’m very thankful that I don’t have to do this and that my employer allows me to enjoy the lifestyle that we have.

Thankfully we were soon out of that mass of humanity and pulling up to Lakeside Amusement Park.

By leaving early, we were the first guests to arrive at Alumafandango. So we got to see the campsite before it turned into a small aluminum town. While waiting to sign in and get directions to the entry for the campsite, we received a visit from one of Lakeside’s finest. The nice officer evidently is not used to seeing Airstreams lining up in town. So he wanted to make sure we weren’t lost and knew where we were going. Yes, officer, we’re on our way to have some serious fun.


Pretty soon, other Airstreams were arriving.

And it wasn’t long before the place was filling up.

Alumafandango has begun

Since there is always plenty to do at a rally and never enough hands, Mary and I got to help out for a bit. We both worked the gate for awhile.

Hasn't she come up in the world since leaving her position as a QA Analyst?

And Mary worked the registration table. So if you checked in on Monday, you had the pleasure of meeting my lovely bride.

The fun starts here

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to wear the cool orange shirts.

Later that day Mary was interviewed by TrailerChix. We don’t know if they will end up using the interview, but it was fun for her.

Be sure to get my good side

Raven got to make new friends at Yappy Hour.

Do you come here often?

And Kathryn fell back into her role as one of the reputedly innocent children who deliver the door prizes.

Oh good, I'm up here in front of everyone again....

Everything hasn’t gone as planned thus far, but the staff is busy rectifying everything. The parties responsible for preparing the campsite didn’t get everything done as promised. There’s been several delays so the place isn’t quite ready for us, and not yet up to the high standards that R&B set for their events. The main things lacking are water and electricity at your trailer. But water is available on site and there’s generators to share if power is absolutely necessary. And R&B have been busy getting everything taken care of. Plus, Airstreams are made for this. We can stay anywhere in luxury and style without needing outside support.

As the children demonstrated last night, you don’t need a lot to have fun. In running the power lines, some boards were placed to protect the line from traffic. This made a great balance beam and much creative activity ensued (much better place for it than on the freeway).

Walking around the campsite, we noticed that the adults were also having fun making new friendships and catching up on old ones. Isn’t this a big part of what Airstreaming is about? Just having one of these Aluminum Beauties invites you into an exclusive set, one where new friends are always welcome and other Airstreamers stop by just to say hi, as we saw before we left for Alumafandango.

And this morning (Wednesday) I went out early for a stroll, and what to my wondering eyes should appear, but LEDs and power supplies everywhere. Yes… we have power. See, R&B are taking care of us.

The electric elf was here

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