Albuquerque BioPark


We (my mom and I) went to the Albuquerque BioPark with my Aunt Laura.

First, I went to the aquarium. There was all kinds of fish there!

Lots of fish

I especially liked the sharks. They were huge!

I hope he's not looking for lunch

The aquarium also had jellyfish, which were rather interesting.

Swimming with the jellies...

The zoo itself had a much wider variety, including almost everything I wanted to see. The serval, a type of wild cat, fascinated me.

I love these guys

It was a hot day, so many of the animals were out of sight or not moving. The serval was not one of these. It was pacing back and forth right beside the glass. It wasn’t the only one, the lion felt the same way, occasionally growling.

Queen of the jungle

There were also some peacocks, and most remarkable about this was that a female peacock and two chicks were walking on the sidewalk!


There was a large group of flamingos looking for their lost Airstream.

Nope, it's not under the water

I had been looking forward to the wolves, but they were hiding in the shade where no one could see them.

The reptile house was cool, the snakes were moving and we found a cage with the lizards inside chasing each other! There were some very large snakes, and there were even Komodo Dragons and Gila Monsters, which of course were amazing.

Gila Monster

I love dragons

Cool snake

It was a hot day, so the kangaroos were laying down, splayed across the ground.

It's nice in the shade

There were some deer-like animals, laying down in the shade with tiny antlers.

Keep cool dude....

The African hunting dogs were laying down, but looked cool all the same. The African hunting dogs were very, very similar to the hyenas.

What do African Hunting Dogs dream of?

The seals were swimming around, rubbing against the glass, showing off their swimming skills.

Dive, Dive, Dive

The giraffes were eating leaves with their purple tongues, or standing in the shade, and the zebras were drinking water like crazy.

All in all, the trip was most definitely worth it.

It's good to be the Queen

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