Alamosa Colorado


Just south of the Great Sand Dunes area is the town of Alamosa (Spanish for cottonwood). It was founded in 1878 as a railroad town for the Denver and Rio Grande railroad.The town still has a depot for a scenic railway, as well as a classic steam engine on display. The Town Center is styled after a depot and contains, in addition to other offices, the town library. One of the things we do miss in our travels is visiting a library. We have our Kindles, but it just isn’t the same as browsing the stacks, finding books that you never would have thought to look for.

The old downtown district is on the east side of town. It contains many older buildings which are still in use for retail and eating establishments.  While several of the businesses are targeted toward the tourist, a good number serve the local community’s needs. It is nice seeing a downtown that is still alive and in use rather than shuttered and abandoned. Given the age of the town, there are several examples of interesting architecture around this part of town.

The west side of town is the newer side with it’s strip shopping centers offering the normal “big box” type of businesses, fast food chains and the ever important Walmart. There wasn’t much to photograph on this side of town, so here’s pictures of the downtown area.

Over the Labor Day weekend, Alamosa is the host site for the annual Early Iron Festival.

American Classics

I just love old cars. They just have so much more character than modern vehicles, and to me the lines are just so beautiful. They’re artwork on wheels. I could spend days feasting my eyes on these beauties.

Mary found her favorite car to admire.

I'd have fun, fun, fun...

Though these also caught her eye. Especially the one that was for sale.

Honey, it's only $8,500.

However, it won’t pull the Airstream, so no sale.

Here’s a few more cars to enjoy.

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